Antrim: Some General Info

Antrim is a small town in the state of New Hampshire in the United States. It has a small population of around 2600 people in a census that was conducted in 2010. The small town population ensures that most of the people around here know each other quite well and the various community activities organized by the town council helps in interaction between the various residents on a regular basis. The small size also helps in having good control over the various activities that take place in the town and also helps in the easy disbursement of various health facilities to the people.

The town council has a website where various information about the activities of the council and the decisions that are taken by it are relayed to the people in the town. From the demographics of the town, it is clear that a lot of emphasis is placed on the health aspects of the people here and people here love the lifestyle that they have. The weather is mild and camps are organized during summer in the different parts of the town and it is made sure that this information is given to all people through websites and word-of-mouth so that the people can make full use of these camps to keep their kids active and engaged through the summer. Antrim also has a very nice, quiet and spacious library which the kids love to visit to keep abreast of all the latest information and also spend their time usefully in honing their reading skills. Antrim is an excellent town to live for those who want to spend a quiet, happy time in a nice place.